“Looking at the same scenery over years
means deriving new meaning or seeing it in a different light as one changes oneself.
Frequently you cannot put into words what you see, experience or feel when looking at

Unknown Author

Michel le Sueur has had a lifelong passion for natural light photography.

His work as an art director / graphic designer inform his photographic style; examining form, structure and texture. The irresistible attraction of colour, enhancing the abstract graphic quality of his landscape images.

Capturing shapes and forms in nature, always conscious of the negative and positive spaces as well as the subtle nuances of light in an ever-changing landscape, be it the vastness of the skies and mountains, the bubbles in a stream or reflections on a calm sea.
In essence, the macrocosm and microcosm of the world around us reveal themselves in his selection of images.

Initially working analogue B&W techniques and colour transparencies he later embraced digital captures and processing realising the ability to have the control with colour previously only obtainable in the black and white darkroom.

Current projects involve a combination of both photography and typography as an outward and inward experience, seeking a balanced dialogue with our natural environment. Preserving the world around us as a continuous journey in conscious evolution.